Adidas wants to encourage young girls aged 17-25 residing in New York City to play sports actively, particularly swimming, tennis and rugby.


A 2015 study of 400 female C-suite executives conducted by espnW and EY found an overwhelming correlation between athletic and business success: 94% of women in the C-suite played sports and 52 percent played sports at university level. Research shows that participation in sports plays a crucial role in developing leadership and team-building skills for women. Sports not only improves mental health but it also provide girls the skill set that they will need ahead in their professional life.


Using the power of sports to create the leaders of tomorrow.

This idea is my creative response to a hypothetical brief set by Adidas as part of my time in the D&AD Shift program.


The Power of Play.

One minute video (ad campaign) featuring the app and PowerHour.

PowerHour is a two hour work hard play hard session held every month. Conducted by collaboration between the c-suite female executives and Adidas through the mobile app game, set, match.


The student athlete is paired up with a c-suite female executive through mobile app. In the first hour the athlete plays their sport of interest. The second hour is spent having a conversation and learning from their mentor.

The ad campaign:

The storyboard.

The video starts with a split-screen. You will see the 19 year old college girl athlete on the right side of the screen and the c-suite executive on the left side of the screen. It shows how they both start their days off and end up meeting each other through the app. The c-suite executive could be the future of the young girl or vice versa. You never know.


Adidas Leadership Community

Since Adidas already has a leadership development program at Adidas for their employees. A sub-platform under this community would be created for female student athletes to participate monthly at Adidas, conducted by Adidas professionals and leaders.

Adidas partnering up with digital medias and magazines podcasts focused on young women. Collaborating with digital medias and communities such as Refinery29, Girlboss and teenvogue adidas will have the c-suite executives on their podcasts to talk about how sports played a crucial role in their career and the skills they gained from playing sports.