Adidas: Change your game


Create a campaign that capitalizes on the global event and buzz of Tokyo Olympics 2020 to drive slaves via


Adidas is the original sports brand that is obsessed with helping athletes to make a difference in their game, life and world. The rule of sports are not defined. Create new your own path and make a difference. There are so many different ways of doing things. You don’t have to stick to the tradition, the same way you have been doing things that you were once told to. Change the game, take it up a notch or even change your game (sport) literally if you have to, to gain a new perspective.


Adidas ambassadors will take on what change your game means (ad campaign) by promoting exclusive merchandise that will be only available during the Tokyo Olympics 2020.

This idea is my creative response to a hypothetical brief set by Adidas as part of my time in the D&AD Shift program.

Change your game.


For this particular campaign there are three different versions of the ad featuring Artists such as Pharrell Williams designs an exclusive deck of skateboards and skateboarding shoes with Adidas for this global event. Similarly Pusha T for tennis and Karlie Kloss for boxing.

These are the storyboards for the three different ad commercials featuring Pusha T, Pharrell Williams and Karlie Kloss. It’s in manga style since Japan is known for their Anime and Manga comic-books. It’s part of their culture.


Taking advantage of the medal ceremony, Adidas will launch an active gear that changes color. Athletes sponsored by Adidas puts on their gear during the medal ceremony. It requires the audience to watch the medal ceremony in order to purchase it directly through the link while it’s happening live.

Adidas partnering up with the Dark-store to sell exclusive products through Snap chat.

The Adidas gear comes with a free Tokyo Olympics 2020 comic book which has the snap chat filter QR code personalized for each individual fan.

Venticular illusion ads in the subway. (Change Your Game)